Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28, 2012 - Prayer Walk for Women's Equality

Baptist Women for Equality and Christians for Biblical Equality are asking Christian women and men everywhere to participate in a Prayer Walk tomorrow, March 28, 2012. If you want to express solidarity with your sisters in Christ, please unite in prayer for women to become full, functional equals with our brothers in Christ. Please pray for your neighborhood when you step outside your door, when you're walking to your car or to the bus stop. Pray for your community as you drive through your town. Pray that Christ, who scandalized His own culture by talking to women in public, making them His disciples, traveling with them, engaging them in theological discourse, and revealing His Resurrection to them before He revealed it to any man, would reveal His true heart to His church today. Pray that His people's hearts would be open to the message that His truth sets us all free.


The Blog bites better than the Bullet. said...

I only just saw this, so I will be praying tomorrow! We desperately need prayer for freedom in the church, and I am so encouraged to see other people speaking out- thanks for this.

Kristen said...

Thanks! I'm hoping this will happen again next year and be better publicized, better organized, and more visible.

iseetheglory said...

Hi Sister Kristen,

I can't remember if I've thanked you for your blog, challenging me to re consider assumptions I've made about interpreting scripture,and about gender roles in the past.

I had a discussion with my pastor and his wife today about some of the issues I've been thinking on. They are strongly complimentarian and are adamant that 'at the end of the day' - judgement - the males will be held accountable for decisions effecting both home and church.

Is is wishful thinking on the part of the woman to think that she isn't accountable to God, for the direction a family takes? I can't hear a specific answer from them, re what particular thing a husband will be responsible to for, that a wife wont.

What would you say to this, or can you refer me to any posts, which look at that issue - what decisions God does/will hold each Christian responsible for...does that make sense?

Kristen said...


Thanks! I know of no specific resources; however, I will attempt to address this question soon on my blog. My short answer is that we are responsible for whatever Christ has commanded us to do, no more and no less, and that "each must carry his own load," as Paul said. How responsibility issues can easily become dysfunctional in a complementarian (and worse in a patriarchal) marriage is something that needs to be addressed. Thanks for bringing it up!